We Are Called:


These are the Messages for the people in these days!

Carrium: What-or-Who-Is-The-Wall?

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 178 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

The 11th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 293 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 157 Days

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Messenger of Prophesy of the Lord Jesus Christ!

It was a crusade of blasphemy against Jesus Christ! “Behold: A White Horse!” It was a move by Satan to start his campaign to destroy Christianity! This was the first of the four evil spirits that would strove upon the great sea, which speaks of four prominent evil spirits that would move upon the people all over the earth to influence their ways and beliefs.

We cannot get anything done together without being in agreement! But, do you think we can still get something done without being in agreement? I agree with what God said; and, I agree with what is written in the Bible as what God said! Blessed and Holy is the Lord God! If I could have received anything other than the Bible, it would have been given to me! But, when I began writing; I started writing things that were written in the Bible without knowing that those things were written. I compared what I was given to write with what was written in the Bible after a period of time, and I found that I was writing what was already written. It was God’s Way of showing me that He gave those things to men of old to write; and, that He is still the Same Author today. He speaks the same Words today to those who are His as He spoke to those of old, which they wrote. So, I find myself having been given to verify the Bible because of that which I was given to write; and, now I am given to Understand all of those things that were written of old as the Lord God is sending the Understanding forth. Whom shall He teach Knowledge! I am given to Understand Knowledge because I am not given to receive understanding from any person. I am as one that is weaned from the breast!

This is the power of that third evil spirit that moved upon the people in all of the world! Addiction to oil came upon the whole world; and, the drugs became to be what is depended on! I speak, and am given to understand that drugs speak of that which man has declared as both legal and illegal! The focus is on not destroying these: but, to protect them, because they are very profitable! These are the two things that mankind has become very dependent on. This third power of darkness was ushered in by the desires of the Black people to have equal rights, and to be accepted into the ruling society as part of that society. This was a time as it was when the people of Judah saw what was going on in Egypt as being much better than what they were given to live in during the time of Jeremiah after the fall of Jerusalem. But, to go into this thing would mean your destruction; and, it would bring to pass what is written about how the people of God were being destroyed wonderfully, which meant to be destroyed in such a subtle way that the people would not be aware that they were being destroyed. It is also as a term that says, “Kill Me Softly!”

“What Does A Preacher Look Like?”

(“This Is Given To You To Get You Accustomed To How A True Preacher Might Look!”)

This is what the Apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 4:9-13, saying, “For I think that God has set forth us the Apostles last, as it were appointed to death, because we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels (spirits), and to men. We are fools for Christ’s sake: but, you are wise in Christ! We are weak; but, you are strong! You are honorable; but, we are despised. Even unto this present hour we both hunger, and thirst, and are naked (not having the best of clothing), and are buffeted, and have no certain dwelling place; and labor, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it: being defamed, we entreat: we are made as the filth of the world, and are the off scouring of all things unto this day.” An Apostle held the highest office among men in the Kingdom of God: but, these did not dress nor live like kings!

Because of these Reports, people have been falling to the south, which means they are going to everlasting destruction! But now, prepare yourselves for receiving those who will fall to the north. Amen!

“Where Did God Come From?”

Blessed are You, O Lord Most Holy! I remember seeing whereby someone was talking about God, using the letters, a small “g” and a capital “G!” How can anyone explain God? Before anyone can find out anything about God, he must first be found believing that He is! Let no one think he can find what he does not believe exists! Why search for proof of something you don’t believe exists? It is impossible to find such a thing. But, God reveals Himself to whomsoever He will! He is also found by those who were not seeking Him, as was the case with me. When He revealed Himself to me, I was not seeking God. But, I was fore-known by Him as His servant whom He would call at the time which He had appointed. Before anyone can become involved with God, He must decide on that involvement! He can remain hidden, and no one can find Him out! But, everyone shall eventually know that He is! For some, it will be a finding out to their everlasting shame. We will not be led into senseless debates about God, with men who are unbelievers! There is a day that is appointed that all men will believe. But, blessed are they that believe now; and, have their lives adjusted to please Him that is Almighty! He is the final “Say-So” about everything! But, wicked men, who will debate about God; let them first explain where the wind comes from, and where it goes. Let them acknowledge that there is a condition that is called “Always!” Without that condition, nothing else can be. There is a Power that brought all things into being: but, yet He is Always! There is only One “Always!” There is that which has no beginning, and no end: and, from this condition all things come. “Always” need not come from anything, because He is! That is God! Amen!

Who decided on this relationship? He did! He could have just as easily decided not to have a relationship with me! I could have gone on to destruction! But, everyone gets a chance to know the Truth: but, not many will accept what they are caused to know; but, will choose the foolishness of the ungodly instead!

I will sit, and will listen for the Words coming forth from You by way of Your Holy Angel! Amen!

Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel of War, Whom the Lord our God has assigned to stand up for us against everything that rises up against us. Arise, and scatter our enemies. We are kept day and night because God has given His Angels charge over us! Amen!

Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel of the Lord, Whom the Lord sends unto His servants with the Reports! Give us the Reports! Give us skills; and cause us to understand, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen!

This is the day that You have made! Give us gladness, and rejoicing in it. Let faith from God be applied to our hearts in every situation that shall rise up in this day. You are He Who prepares our hearts for that which is to come. We cannot see what is set in this day: but, You know all things! Let my focus be set towards You, because You are the Supreme Power to set the focus to where we ask that it be set. We know what to ask for because You give us what to ask for, because You know what we need. Let the praise to You continue with us always. We are given to acknowledge You in knowing all things before they take place. Let serious consideration to these things be applied to our hearts, whereby we will be able to take our preparation time more seriously as it ought to be. Let playing be destroyed from the heart, because this will oppose us in taking things seriously, when we should be taking things seriously. Give us this day our daily bread, because without faith it is impossible to please You. Purge us of all doubts, I pray Thee: and, cause us to see the Spirit of Faith working mightily in us! There is nothing that we can do without the Spirit from You. You are faithful to give us what we need. Let us be bold in acknowledging that which we don’t have; and, let none of the pretending spirits be able to have dominion over us. Teach us to pray; and, cause us to accept all prayers coming out from You. Amen!

In gathering up fragments, we are gathering up more than just old writings and pictures: but, we are bringing forth programs to use that we were given to get some time ago. We are also being given to work with new programs!

Don’t cry when the evil you loved starts to kill you! Did we not tell you that is what it does? It lies; and, tells you all the good it will do for you; and, it makes things seem like it is going so well for you, until all of a sudden everything starts to fall apart! Telling you “I told you so” won’t do you any good! You should believe when you have the opportunity to know the Truth! You heard it!

Whose work is it? It is yours! You are supposed to learn everything you need about how to get your work done. You dedicate yourself to being taught by the Spirit in learning how to do your work. Let joy be allowed in doing what you are given to do! You let excitement be established! Enjoy what you are doing without thinking about if or what will be said about what you have done. And, don’t compete with others!

And, if you don’t feel that it is necessary to honor the man of God as you honor the Lord Jesus Christ, then don’t show him any honor; and, say, “Whatever God chooses has no special importance!”

“What Is Missing From Your Heart?”

“Acknowledging The Righteous Spirits In Our Hearts!”

I considered a dream, which I had! I was standing very comfortably and joyfully in the midst of many Holy Angels! This was showing how the heart is being filled with the Spirits of God! This was also showing the condition of what was said in Isaiah 6, about the temple being filled with His Glory! We become aware of that which is in our hearts, because of the evidence of how we are working and operating! The true fruits of the Spirit starts to show forth, because of the inhabiting of the Spirits from God. We are being worked according to the spirits that inhabits us. Our hearts shall be filled with that which comes from the Lord! These are the Spirits from God that have replaced those evil spirits that use to inhabit us. But, I was looking for one particular Angel Who was missing from this group of Angels! I knew that this Spirit was missing from the heart because of fear in certain situations! This is not a praise to God in the earth; and, the Word from Isaiah told us to stay on His Case until He arises to make us to be a praise to Him in the earth. When He sees fearfulness, will that give credit to His nature? No! We recognize what will not reflect God in a positive way, and we seek to have these things changed with us, so that this kind of way will not be displayed among us who are called Christians! So many kinds of fears pop up that does not show the nature of God. Who are we displaying to the world; and, what are we showing the world that God is like? We have to show more concern about that which we are showing in the world as Jesus Christ. Let that concern be established with me, O Lord. Lord God, You are the Power, and You make the changes, so that You can be reflected in Truth! Have mercy upon us, because we are poor and needy. I speak about being poor and needy in a Spiritual way. We are poor in Spirit; and, You are the Supplier of our needs. Amen!

I remember the Angel of the Lord telling Gideon that if he was afraid, to go down by the camp of the enemy, and there he would hear a man speaking about a dream. Because Gideon acknowledged that he was afraid, he went down to the camp to listen. By doing what the Angel had commanded him to do, his fears passed away. That is gaining what we need by faith. The Lord will tell us what to do to defeat the evil spirits, and to gain what we need. Just like the Prophet Elisha was given to tell Naaman to go wash in the Jordan River, seven times, and he would be cleansed. What must we do to gain that which we asked for, O Lord? It is necessary that we look for what will be required of us so that we can gain what we need. Let this thought be established in my heart, because many times we ask for something without thinking about what we must do to gain it. It will never be anything hard for us to do to gain what we asked for. Sometimes that which we asked for, and that which we are given to do, don’t seem to be related: but, it is the obedience to do what God has said, that will gain us what we asked for. Even doing something several times will be required before we can gain what we asked for. Therefore, we are also developed in continuing to do something as long as it takes to achieve what we asked for. How many times did you do it; and, how long did you continue to do it? Did you see any “stopping and going again” ways about you. Learn to stay in continuance as the Lord has commanded. This is also showing a sign of fainting, which means to stop for some reason. This was another example that was shown in the Scripture, when the Prophet Elisha told king Joash to strike a batch of arrows against the ground seven times: but, the man only smote the ground with the arrows three times. By not doing what the Prophet had said, he would only be able to defeat his enemies three times; and, afterward, they would return to destroy him. How long did you do what God told you to do by His servant, before you stopped? How can your confidence be developed? Amen!

The Lord Michael was the Angel (Spirit) that was missing from this group! This Spirit will cause us to have that boldness that is ordained for the people of God. How could I be caused to depend upon something that was not there, except an evil spirit would be in the midst, causing imaginary beliefs? How can I depend upon a piece of equipment that is not in my house? How did I know He was missing? There had to be evidence! I saw the things, which I was depending on for protection; and, I had no confidence in being protected! I was not seeing myself as a defended city! I acknowledged what the Lord said we must be depending on! So, I said, “Where is Michael?” What was missing? By saying this; I was saying, “O Lord, where is the protection?” Let that protection become evident to our hearts, O Lord, I pray Thee! We are made aware of how important this protection is to us! The evil will come in against us, and will take all that we have gained, without this protection from God. Angels are Ministering Spirits; and, this Spirit is very important to us. He is given to stand up for us in these days to protect us, and fight for us! Who are we? We are all of the Good Spirits from God! This fact must be established in our hearts; and, there must not be found in us, any other thoughts about anything else as being a part of this Protection! We have become comfortable with other Spirits ministering to us in other things: but, we have not become comfortable with our defense being in this Holy Angel! Many are still depending on many things for protection: and, these things are declared as being weak and beggarly! Our confidence in these Unseen Powers, must become greater than the confidence, which we had in those things which we could see!

Give this careful consideration! Many, who call themselves Christians, are showing great disrespect towards the Lord Michael! When you turn to policemen, or even weapons, and even security systems for protection; you dishonor this Holy Angel; and, you have made Him to be of no use to you! In these days, you will be hearing threats; and, you are going to see violence taking place before your eyes: but, these things are happening to try your faith, to see if you will turn to something else, instead of relying on Him Whom God has provided! These things will come at you to try to shake your mind out of believing in the Power of the Lord your God!

“Which Of These Do You Depend On: The Blue Wall (Policemen); Or, The Invisible Wall (Angels)?”

It would surprise you to see just how many thoughts are in our hearts, declaring to us that there are things more powerful than God. With our mouths, we say God is All Powerful: but, with many of our ways, we show that we believe that there are things that are more powerful than God. This shall not remain with us, because the Lord God will not allow a lie to remain established in our hearts! There are two walls spoken about that men must build for protection. The proper Wall of protection is spoken of in Daniel 9. This Wall must be built before a certain time comes upon the earth. After this time, every person will be established in what they will put their trust in; and, there can be no turning from one unto the other after that time has passed. This is how God will seal our beliefs in us; and, what we will trust in, will be ours, always. Now is the time to start getting that trust in what God has established as our protection, established in the heart. When you say, according to Psalm 51, Build Thou the Walls of Jerusalem; you are asking God to establish your trust and dependency on that which He has established for men to trust in. Which of these Walls have you put your trust in as a defense, and as a shield? People are seen not trusting the policemen: but, at the same time, they have no confidence in the Angels of God! This is not good! Let the Truth be established; and, let there be no confidence be put in anything that the Lord God has declared as being of the darkness! The thoughts of the heart of man, about protection, are polluted, having a mixture of that which is of the Light, and of the darkness in them. The thoughts are not pure; and, this is made evident when people need protection; or, think about a defense to protect themselves, and their property! God has given us Angels to take care of us! We are weaned from dependency on those things which we grew up depending on; and then, we are groomed with the Spirit from God to start depending on everything that God has supplied for us. When other things are thought upon for protection, along with that which God has ordained: the heart is filled with the knowledge of good and evil. That must be plucked up out of the heart; and, the Truth must be established in that place! Then, you will be able to think only by the Truth: because the Truth will be ruling in that spot. Angels and policemen don’t go together! One is Spirit, and the other is flesh! This is what the Lord was saying in Isaiah 31:3, saying, “Now, the Egyptians (which means that of the darkness) are men, and not God! And, their horses flesh, and not Spirit! When the Lord shall stretch out His hand, both he that helps, and he that receives the help, shall fall down; and, they shall fail together!” God does not use righteous men to destroy other men! God will use the wicked men to destroy other wicked men! If you have included flesh and blood men as part of this protection package: that will cause a breach (a hole) in your armor! The Lord will not go against your will, to give you something that you have not accepted: but, He will allow you to keep whatsoever you have chosen for yourself as your protection! But, His Wrath is against everything that He did not ordain; and, against everyone that accepts those things, which He does not approve of! If a curse is upon that which you have chosen; you will become a curse along with it. If you choose anything other than that which the Lord is offering you; that is even as choosing Barabbas over the Lord Jesus Christ! There are always two things set before you for you to choose from. There are the things of Life, and the things of Death; and, there is always that which will bring about blessings, and there is that which brings about the curse! There is always a choice between what the Lord has said, and what the darkness is saying. Even by thinking of picking up a stick, means the thoughts are polluted. What about using your words, instead? Consider what the Lord said in Isaiah 31, about that which you depend on is flesh, and not Spirit! Flesh means anything that is physical! By your actions, you have made men, weapons, and other physical things to be more dependable to you than this Holy Angel, Who excels in Power above all men, and above all things. Acknowledge the Truth; and be ashamed! Then, repent! Amen!

The Wrath of God is pronounced upon that which men have begun to depend on, while ignoring that which the Lord has spoken, and said what man shall trust in! In Psalm 50:15, the Lord God said to call upon Him in the time of trouble; and, He would deliver you! Have that set in the heart! Are you believing God? Did you find any confidence in Him by doing what He said, when your troubles arose? Did your thoughts ever turn in that direction; or, was 911 the most noticeable desire? And, for this reason, because you have not trusted in Him: the Lord God will strike you down, because you did not put your trust in Him, while being called by His Holy Name! He is able to give everyone the Power to be able to trust in Him as He has required! God will not excuse anyone for not trusting in Him: because He has commanded that everyone that is called by His Name, must trust in Him with all of their hearts! Be honest before God about your lack of trusting in Him; and, do not be satisfied with not trusting in Him! Stay on His case until He arises, and make you to be what you have been calling upon Him for! For every need; there is God; and the heart shall be full of the trusting in the Lord! You are giving praise to whosoever you put your trust in! God created man for a praise to Himself; and, all men shall depend on Him; even the policemen! They must examine what it is that they are depending on. Even they must first put down those weapons which are of the darkness! You cannot have your trust in the things of the Light, and of the darkness at the same time. If you do; you are declared as being in a Laodicean spirit. You cannot serve two masters! When you use what God has given; that is a praise to Him! That lack of trusting in the Angels, is calling God unfaithful; and, this shall not be found in any of His people! If this is the way it is with you; ask God to forgive you for this: and, ask Him to establish you; and, to give you the ability to be able to trust in this Holy Angel with all of your heart, for the purpose, which God gave Him to us! Amen!

Trusting in the Angels of God, is trusting in the Lord: but, trusting in man, is not trusting in God!

O Heavenly Father, You have not given me to put my trust in policemen! You have plucked this up out of my heart! I ask that You would give me all ability to trust in the Power of this Holy Angel, even as You have ordained it to be! Let not this spot remain vacant, I pray Thee! Establish this in me, I pray Thee!

There is fear in many about having an evil plucked up by the roots, and cast out, because they do not know how to trust in the Lord! They have become very comfortable with the way, which they have used for so long; and, there is fear about having to give it up! My Lord, let the fear of Death be plucked up by the root; and, establish truth about Who truly have the Power over Life and Death! Let us be guided by the Truth, only! Amen!

We cannot see anything, except You establish it in our hearts! What is this called when we cannot see anything? It is like a blank screen on a television. But, I ask that You would cause the Righteousness to appear where the wickedness once stood. Then, shall we be able to look upon Righteousness, more and more! Amen!

What the Lord is showing here is, many of you don’t have your trust in policemen, because you are afraid of them: but, neither have you gained your trust in the Holy Angel Michael. Where are you? You are sitting out there in “Limbo” or in “No Man’s Land!” You are caught in a void between Light and darkness! You are as those people that don’t have the education of the Lord, nor the education of the world! What can you do? It is like the time when Elijah was given to speak with Israel, in 1st Kings 18. Elijah said for them not to be halt between two decisions. You are caught between two decisions: you are neither to the right, nor to the left. But, you must no longer remain in that void: you will go either to the left or to the right! You cannot remain right there, not having your trust in anything. God considers this as being in the darkness.


The Lord causes us to know what we need! He exposes everything of the darkness, that is standing in a place in our hearts where it ought not to be! The whole heart is for the Lord; and, none of the space in the heart shall be given to darkness. What should be in that place, in your heart, where the darkness is standing? That which is standing in the place where an Angel should be, must be removed: because this causes holes in your wall of protection. These holes are called breaches. Lies that are believed upon as being Truth, are also evils standing in a place where Absolute Truth should be. The beliefs in the heart will be examined, and compared with the Truth. Even the things, which you believe in your heart as being approved of by God, but are not, must be removed! The Lord told us not to give any space to the devil. Amen!

I do not rejoice with policemen! I do not rejoice with that which the Judgment of God is upon! The Lord also spoke of the Judgment against those who rejoice with those whom He has a Judgment against, in Isaiah 5:14. I do not rejoice with what I see them doing on television; and, I do not sympathize with them: because, all of this is in the darkness. All of that which is in the darkness is the same! But, when a policeman falls; there is more sympathy for a fallen policeman, than for any other person! All life is precious to God: but, men have made some men’s lives to be more precious than others! If a policeman dies in sin, he will end up in the same place that the one who killed him went to! The glorious funerals, which men give them, will not put them in Heaven! I do not praise them in any fashion: because their ways are the ways of darkness! Hell is waiting because all of these things are taking place in darkness!

If you are worthy, you will be encountering Angels; and, some of you have already encountered Angels! But, They were dressed as ordinary men, according to Hebrews 13. Consider how you might have presented yourself in the presence of Holy Angels! They do transform Themselves to appear just like us. You should be giving more consideration to how you present yourself before strangers. Walk in brotherly love, and you will not be made ashamed. Let your kindness rule in your heart; and then, you will have nothing to be afraid of. Remember those things, which the Apostle Paul was speaking about in Romans 13, about being subject to the Higher Powers! We are created lower than the Angels; and, They do excel in Power far above anything that we can imagine. You can receive help from only those whom you show respect to. If you are showing reverence towards the police departments; you are showing disrespect towards the Holy Arch Angel of the Lord; and, you will not receive your help from Him. Throughout the Holy Scriptures, we see where God dispatched an Angel to minister to the needs of those that put their trust in Him.

“Take Inventory! See What Is Missing!”

(Consider The Wall of Protection!)

Wicked imaginations make people think something is there that is not there! Who is protected? O Heavenly Father, I ask that You would cause us to know what we need; and, give us to pray precisely for that which You point out to us, I pray Thee! Amen!


The Lord Gabriel was telling Daniel, in Daniel 9:25, saying, “Know therefore, and understand, that from the going forth of the Commandment to Restore and to Build Jerusalem, unto Messiah the Prince, shall be 69 weeks! (This is a Spiritual timetable!) The Street and the Wall shall be built again, even in troublous times!” (It does not matter how much trouble rises up, that cannot stop what God has commanded to be done! In the study of the Book of Nehemiah, we will see the example of this trouble rising up when the time had come for restoring that which was torn down.) The word, which the Lord gave me to focus on, is “again!” That means, something that once was: but, now is not: but, shall be as it once was! Going back to the time of the early Church, in the days of the Apostles, we see that the Church did not depend on armies, nor any policemen! I think about a certain centurion whom Peter was sent to preach to! This is a soldier that received the Word of God, and accepted the Salvation of the Lord! The Church, at the beginning, was protected by the Angels of the Lord, even though the Lord allowed many of them to be killed. This was allowed for a reason! Consider what the Lord Jesus said about those who have died in Him, that in the resurrection, they shall be as Angels of God! Consider all of those Angels that fell! These are to be replaced, by those that shall be resurrected! One of the Angels, whom John spoke with in the Book of Revelation, told John that He was one of his brethren, the Prophets! Remember those that came up with the Lord Jesus after He rose from the dead!


Angels come with Their assignments! Was it not an Angel that was sent to release Peter from prison? Was it not an Angel that slew Herod? In the Words of the Lord Gabriel, which He was given to speak to Daniel, I also focused on the word “restore!” That also means to have to bring back into being, something that used to be. Where are these things now? When the ways of the early Church are compared with the ways of that which is being called the Church in these days, we find that there is no favorable comparison. Compared to them, the Church in these days are in ruins. This comparison was commanded to be done by the Lord in Haggai 2. Amen!

The street is the way, or the path to get to some particular place: but, Spiritually speaking, it is the bringing back again, the True Way to get to God. Every variation from the Truth must be destroyed; and, the Precise and Concise Ways must be established: and, then you shall be sure you are walking along the right path. But, do not walk this path as someone that is uncertain about where he is going: but, walk with all boldness and with all confidence, so that you can be received by the Lord at the end. (So be it, O Lord!)

When were the True Ways ever practiced? Was it not shown to have been established in the times of the Holy Apostles? The True Ways were not before then. That which appeared before the Lord Jesus Christ came, were only examples of that which was to come! That, which was practiced by the early Church, is what needs to be restored again. I was given to pay attention to what the Angel said to Daniel: He said, “The Street!” Not streets! That means the Strait and the Narrow must be re-established with every individual. Every heart must be established in everything which the Lord our God has ordained!


In these days, there are many ways, which are being presented as being the Lord Jesus Christ! Lord means the Ruler and Governor! Jesus is the Word of God; and, Christ means Salvation, and the Way to being saved! But, there are many ways that are being spoken of as being the Lord Jesus Christ, which is not Him in Truth: and, because these are being spoken of as being approved of by the Lord Jesus Christ; those that are using these ways, are declaring that this is Christ! This is the way many false Christ’s rose up, according to the Word of the Lord! Christ means Savior! But, those ways that are believed upon, will not lead to salvation; but, to destruction; and, that is why they are called “false Christ’s!” Many are believing in these ways; and, they are believing that they shall be received by God in the end! But, now a comparison is being sent forth: and, you are given to compare what you are doing and believing, with what is written about the Lord, and the True Ways of the Lord! Christ is Unity in the Faith; and, the Body of Christ is Unified! Because of the many variations of Christianity, would that not tell you that something is wrong? Is this not also what Daniel was talking about in Daniel 9, when he spoke of the confusion of faces! “Faces” means Ways! All of these ways are being called the Ways of Jesus Christ: and, it does not reflect the example which was shown of old, when the Lord used one Moses to receive the Words of Instructions; and, to distribute that Word to all of the 12 tribes of Israel; and, every tribe had to walk according to that which came out from God! There was nothing differing for individual tribes, as you see different ways in different denominations in these days! Israel was given to show the unity that would exist when everyone walked according to the One Set of Laws; and, everyone practiced according to those Laws! Even though they were 12 tribes; they were but one nation! Any member of any tribe should have been able to go from one tribe to another, and never see anything different in the ways in which they worshipped God! But, it is not so in these days! You can go from one congregation to another, and not feel comfortable, because you are not familiar with the way they practice.


After the 10 tribes split from Judah and Ephraim, they followed in the ways of the heathen! God rejected them; and, said by Hosea, that they were no longer His people, even though they kept the name of Israel. Just because a person calls himself by one of the denominations, which indicates being a part of Christianity, the Lord does not count him as part of His body, if he is not walking according to the Laws, which the Lord laid out for His people. This is what the Lord is showing in Revelations, chapters 2 & 3.

Yes, there is something greatly wrong with the Church in these days; and, the Lord is setting all of His people straight: but, the majority will continue to do what they love; and, will continue to blaspheme the Name of the Lord by their practices! O you people, hear the Lord calling you! Hear His Words! He said, “Return, O you backsliding children!” Amen!

The Lord was pointing out all of these wrong things about the whole Church in all of the world in the time of the 4th Seal, in Revelations 2 & 3. “In Asia” is pointing to a specific time when this is being spoken about! It is the time of the “Pale Horse” as spoken of in Revelations 6. “Seven Churches” is speaking of the whole thing in all of the world. If you will pay attention to the Word, which He used, saying, “Churches!” He did not call it “Church” which signifies One Body! In these two chapters, the Lord was showing that the ways were not One as He had ordained. And, because this division was there: there is no Power! The Body of Christ is One Body; and there is no division in the Body: because the Head is One! And, Jesus Christ is that Head; and, that Lawgiver! The Laws are One Law for all to follow; and, then you will see the Unity of the Faith! Amen!

Let us look at the first condition, which is the condition of the Church in the days of the Apostle, which is called the Early Church! Compared to it, how does that which is called church in these days look? We are not looking at fancy buildings: but, at unity and faith! We look at its works, and its Power! We look at the Oneness; and, we look at the faith! That which I see in these days does not look like anything glorious in comparison to that which operated of old. Glory is by the work, and not by the outward appearance. The Word said that Jerusalem must be rebuilt! So, again, I say look at that which was at the first; or, that which was the beginning of what is called Christianity! Jerusalem is Spiritually interpreted to mean the individual, in this particular case a point of beginning. A Holy city is a person that is built up with all of the Righteousness of God compacted together in him, as it is spoken of in the Psalms. Look at the way the city of Jerusalem of old was constructed; and, you will be able to see the construction of man. “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so is the Lord round about His people, from hence forth and forever!” (Psalm 125:2) That Wall that surrounded the city of Jerusalem of old, is symbolic of the Spiritual Wall, which surrounds those that put their trust in the Lord! But, man has turned away from trusting in the Holy Angels; and, has begun to trust in flesh and blood men; and in other physical things for protection! Is this not a physical wall, and not a Spiritual Wall? What have you put your trust in? The Lord said in Isaiah 57:13, to those that put their trust in these great companies of men for protection, saying, “When you cry out, let your companies deliver you: but, the wind shall carry them away; and, vanity shall take them! But, he that put his trust in Me, shall possess the land, and shall inherit My Holy Mountain!” Amen!

Therefore, people have become as cities whose walls have been torn down, because they have put their trust in man; and, in those things which man has provided. When evil is allowed to remain in the heart of a person; that person will appear more like the city of Jericho: because that city had much evil going on within that great wall that surrounded it. But, Jerusalem, in the times of the Righteous kings of Judah, showed the true example of being protected by God! Look especially at the time of king Hezekiah! But, a city like Jericho, shows that all the good remains outside of these walls. This kind of wall cannot stop the destruction, which will come from God! So, because America allows all this evil to remain within her borders; her wall of protection appears like that wall of Jericho! But, the sins of America have exceeded that of Jericho, and have also gone past that which was seen about Sodom and Gomorrah! Did not God show us that the walls of Jericho were destroyed; and, all of those that practiced evil within those walls were destroyed? That is the Word of the Lord, which He spoke by Isaiah, saying, “Both, him that protects; and, he that is protected, shall fall together!” Did He not also show us that Sodom and Gomorrah were utterly destroyed by Fire from God because of the extent of wickedness going on within their borders? What makes the people of this land think they are exempt? These things were written for our examples of what He will do! This is an example of what God was saying in Isaiah 31, about those who work evil, depending on those things which are supplied by the darkness for protection. In the same manner as the Lord destroyed that wall around Jericho, and then destroyed all those that were within those walls, except one woman and her family: He said He would destroy the policemen, and the armies that are set up as protection for the people; and then, He would destroy all of those who depended on these for protection, because that is not what He ordained for man. Amen; and, Amen!

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