Carrium: 08-06-41st-Year

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

“Peace Be Unto You!”

“4 Years – 91 Days In Delivering These Messages!”

The 8th Month of The 41st Year After My Baptism!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday

Prince Daniel-David-2 Years; 207 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 1 Year; 70 Days

7:03 AM

Abide in Hope! Strengthen yourselves in Praises! Let Joy and Gladness rule richly in your hearts! Ask; and, you shall be given! Ask for the Power to be seeking! Ask for what you need; and, it shall be provided for you. So, I say, Heavenly Father, we have a need for ink for our printer so we can print more Reports. Give us our supply of ink so we can print our Reports! Let our mouths become opened; and, let the joining come again; but, this time to be stronger and knitted together, unbreakable! Make our eyes to shine with joy and gladness. You are Confidence, O Mighty God. Be You exalted! Mouths of lions must become shut, or as shut. Shut them; and, they shall be shut! Let us be strengthened in distributions. Let this divider be destroyed; and, give boldness to the hearts whereby people will start to come together again with praises, prayers, and with giving of thanks. Let the hearts be free! Enough is enough! O Light, be You exalted! And, those Angels that are spoken about by Joel, let Them be exalted! Let us see Them; and, know Them! They are here to Help us. Let the Help be magnified! Don’t read this as sorrowful: but, read this with delight and rejoicing. It is encouraging! Let encouraging rule richly! Smile again! Turn your ears to Truth. Help, Lord! Turn our ears to Truth! Send forth Power against all fears, because fear is causing this torment in the midst. Arise, O God our Heavenly Father! Let us be rejoicing forevermore. Let Power of patiently waiting be applied! Make haste to answer us.

O God, let Miracles be performed. Before you come to travail; God will deliver. You are a child of God; and, you shall be supplied even in the famine.

Let our tongues be as pens of ready writers! Come again, you people! God said you would be fed during the famine! Fear, you be removed! You have no place here! Now, you ask to be stayed in line! Let the stores have the supplies! Satan, the Lord rebukes you! And now, O you people, whatsoever you set your hands to do, it shall prosper. Let your honesty have dominion! Ask to know those who labor among you!

7:43 AM (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Remember! It is not a request: but, an order! Here is the Feeding Trough! Let it be exalted among you! Come to the Lord to be fed; and, go forth to find! This is your faith at work. While you are being fed, desire to feed! This is your new beginning! From this time forth is what is important! Let your joy be; and, pray! People will be delivered by your joy! You will heal them! God’s Strength shall flow to them through you! Engage in no sorrowful conversations! Ask to be kept! Let the hearts of Righteousness be knitted together! Don’t pollute it! Let it not be polluted, O Mighty God! Now you will know the Strength of a Scribe! Amen!

Give because you love, and not because you are feeling sorry for somebody! Your loving will be increased! What is compassion? Now, make the fruitful valley, O God! Thank You for Your Angels, O God, Whom You have given charge over us. Amen!

Let the Writers be listening! Let them write. Let the trumpets sound. Cry aloud! God will guide you through this Red Sea! Your openings are known. What about “The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff!” And, the women came to the tomb, saying, “Who will remove this stone for us?” Oh, so you are just women, huh? What about Angels Who waits for the Words of God to come forth out of the mouths of the children of God? Why should They continue to be waiting? Open up, O you mouths of the children of God! Now is the time to know your faith! Cause it to be known, O Lord, because the Just shall live by faith! Justify us, O God! Amen!

8:18 AM

Let the people draw near; and, let them renew their Strength! Let them know those who labor among them. Let us know one another!

9:17 PM


9:57 AM

I want to see the Blossoming! Make haste, O Lord, to cause it to be! What is this tree that blossoms in the desert? Why were they dismayed! And, why was it a thing wondered at? It is not only what He said; but, also what He is saying! Listen! Give ear! To whom has the Lord given and made to be the Mouth? What is this Voice that cries in the wilderness? He does not weep; but, cries aloud! He claps his hands; and, his mouth is opened. He sends forth His Words; and, the ears are opened! The scales are removed! Blessed are the hearing ears, and the understanding hearts! The tongues of the wicked are silenced, though their mouths are wide opened: but, their voices are not heeded to by the Righteous. The moves of the wicked are to no avail! A Palm tree blossoms in the desert! Separate yourselves from the dishonest!